Sunday, February 6, 2011

Indispensable: What We actually need!!!!...Part 1

Indispensable: What We actually need!!!!...Part 1

What We actually need!!!!...Part 1

Friday Night, when i was delivering a lecture at a business school, a student came to the help desk and he was seeking guidance regarding the difference between ACCA and ACMA. and which one is actually the better option for him? The Program coordinator guided him and inquired about his future plans. Student replied that he is thinking about joining the both programs at the same time. and when Asked WHY!!!!! He informed that he is interested to go for ACCA but his father is forcing him to join ACMA program so that he would  be in a better position to run his family business. When i suggested that instead of going for ACCA or ACMA, he should also include MBA or BBA(Hons) into the consideration set, he immediately refused and claimed that 100s of MBA graduates are unemployed because they don't possess the required knowledge and skills to apply the available knowledge.

His comments/views are not so much different from the majority of students who have very recently completed their A-levels or I-Com or I.C.S or F.Sc or even F.A. and it is not just the only case of its kind. there are 100s of examples available where parents don't assess the inner abilities or competencies of their child and thus force him/her into going for a domain that is totally opposite of what the child can actually do with his best. My father had always wanted me to become a doctor (Medical sciences). My cousins had the same problem and in fact, majority of Pakistan's students have this issue at some stage of their lives.
we have always been brainwashed since we were small child. we have been brainwashed into believing that if we need to spend a respectful life, we MUST become a doctor or engineer. Is there no other respectful profession? Yes!!! there are... Teaching is the one... but who will actually specify the respectful profession or the respectful domain of study? Individuals na..... but individual perspectives also vary... for example Teaching profession is being described by some individuals as "Jo kuch nai kr skta, ya kisy kahin b job na mily wo teacher ban jata hai" (the one who can not do any thing in his life or the one who never gets a job usually go for joining teaching profession).... many of you will disagree with this claim.... but believe me!!! there are some people who are claiming the above...
Here 2 questions arise from the above discussion.
  1. What will actually determine the true respect of a profession?
  2. Why there is the difference between degree of respect given to one profession as compared to the other profession like being a doctor versus being a Management teacher.
In my point of view, the true respect of a profession depends on certain factors.. the First factor is the underlying principles or beliefs... the 2nd factor is the Gurus of that profession/domain while 3rd and most important factor is the followers of that profession... here i am not referring to the quantity of followers but i am actually referring to the QUALITY of followers. In Pakistan, quantity can never be a good estimator of the respect of a profession because majority of Pakistan's youth is Phobics... they use to follow whatever seems interestingly growing without assessing it. for example, introduction of computer sciences lead people toget BSc-Phobia. everyone was doing B.Sc in computer sciences. they Everyone was trying to go for CA then everone got admission in MBA and BBA and now a days, everyone is preferring to go for ACCA/ACMA.

On the other Hand, difference between the degree of respect given to each profession is because of the quality of the followers. if the followers are capable enough, and possess the strong sets of competencies to prove the profession a leading one, no one can stop them in getting respect for the profession. I have seen dozens of doctors working in very small towns and earning a very negligible income and almost no respect. thats not because the profession is getting obsolete but its because of the quality of knowledge he possesses. On the other hand, i have seen MBAs being known as the Legends of their business school because of their knowledge while many of their class mates are known as Morons of the whole profession....

What we actually need to do? I am a person related to Management sciences domain... In my next post, types of MBA will be described, and who should go for which type of MBA? and what sort of knowledge should be learnt by each graduate of each MBA category? Apart from these questions, I am eager to share some very important lessons that i have learnt so far from my academic and professional career. i will elaborate those lessons with the help of quoting dialogues from 2 or 3 movies that i have very recently watched. so keep your fingers Crossed...

Waiting for comments and recommendations...

Zubair Azam

Thursday, February 3, 2011

What Indispensable is all about?

A few months back, I appeared for an interview at a university. The interviewer asked me about my vision and my immediate reply was "To be known as an Indispensable one because of my contributions to Management Research". Interviewer immediately got angry and claimed that "No one can be indispensable except companies. companies can be indispensable". When i tried to explain my point of view, he again objected to listen to my views. However, he very politely said that he is very much sure of his capabilities and knowledge while I need to review the underlying assumptions of being Indispensable.

What Indispensable is all about actually? This word has a lot of meanings. the one who can not be replaced, the one who is perfect on the given task and no one can do like him/her, or the one who can never be forgotten because of contributions made. YES... this is the thing that i want to communicate... 'Indispensable is the one who can never be forgotten because of the contributions made'. if no one can be indispensable, then, in my point of view, what do you say about the Prophets? what about Legendary characters of History? what about the GURUs of their times? Like Adam Smith (Economist)? David Ricardo (Economist)? Peter Drucker (Management GURU)? Jack welch? Theodore Levitt (Management Strategy Guru)? Michael Porter (Management Guru)? Philip Kotler (marketing Guru)? Seth Godin (Marketing, blogging GURU)? Nitin Nohria (Management Guru)? Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (Nuclear Scientist)? Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Maestro musician)? Imran Khan (Cricketer) and many many more... these are the individuals who became legends of their respective domain... they were Indispensable... and Yes!!! those who are alive, they need to deliver to remain Indispensable...

I studied a quotation somewhere...“Be faithful to that which exists nowhere but in yourself- and thus make yourself indispensable” (Andre Gide)

This Blog will be a platform for discussing what the life is all about.... the primary audience is Pakistan's Youth....The different levels, issues, aspects, or facets regarding becoming and staying Indispensable will be Explored and shared. I will try to make this Blog an Indispensable One. But how??? Through my Next Post "What we Actually Needs", i will try to make you people think...

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